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just wanted to share...

so i went to the TBS/Anberlin/Envy on the Coast concert this past Wednesday here in ATL.
some parts were better than i expected, but i was somewhat disappointed when Anberlin played. Not disappointed in them, but the crowd. it took a while for everyone to get aggitated. it was kind of "dead" in the beginning. it got a little bit better towards the end.
i kind of understand because it was TBS playing with them, so most people were there for them. and when they played,it was beyond amazing. also, they sang Cut Me Up Jenny, which they said they hadnt played anywhere else before (which i dont know if it's true) and another extra song but i dont remember which.

and i got the anberlin set list! from Kyle(thanks to you guys i knew his name. o0). which i was really excited about. for some reason. i love getting the set lists. he couldnt get it off the floor nicely, it ripped, but it's ok.

that'sit. i just thought i would share my excitement. sorry if i shouldnt have.
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