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Anberlin at the Masquerade in ATL, GA

so i got my answer for my previous post.
i cant wait to see anberlin on the 17th here in ATL.
not that excited for TBS. and kind of weird that they got to headline. 0o
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Ooh, have you bought the tickets already? I've been meaning to buy them for one of their other tour dates, but.. No money right now. Any idea how much the price will range from?

I wasn't sure if TBS or Anberlin were headlining, either. It doesn't matter to me, since I love both bands. ^^; I don't really think it's weird TBS are headlining, since they have a new album coming out, and they're a really popular band.
I havent bought my tickets yet because for my venue the sale starts tomorrow. But im buying them tomorrow and they're $25, so thats petty good.
Im not one of tbs' greatest fans or anything, but i listen to them sometimes... I just like Anberlin better, and i was kind of bummed out that they're not headlining... But im happy they're even touring at all. I thought they were only touring in the fall, so...
It is TBS' tour.